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The Savant Group is not a company entity but represents a group of
companies providing products and services to the automotive and lubricant industry. Savant Group companies are individually incorporated.

Savant, Inc.





Savant, Inc. is an independent laboratory and research center specializing in ASTM and custom bench testing of engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids and other lubricants. Our SavanTech® certification is applied to reference oils, instruments, and other standards.

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Tannas Co.

Tannas Co. designs and markets laboratory instruments for measuring critical properties of automotive and industrial lubricants and other materials. Tannas equipment is required for meeting several international specifications. 

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King Refrigeration, Inc. specializes in low-temperature laboratory instruments for routine and research testing of engine oils, lubricants and related fluids. 

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Institute of Materials

The Institute of Materials publishes the world's largest independent compilation of engine oil test data. Bench test performance data is available on engine oil samples collected throughout North American, Westerns Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 

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