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Institute of Materials

The Institute of Materials (IOM) was founded in 1984 in Midland, Michigan U.S.A. to provide reliable and unbiased data on the physical, chemical, and performance-associated characteristics of automotive engine oil obtained from the worldwide marketplace. Serving the oil and lubricant industry, IOM publishes the world's largest independent compilation of engine oil test data. Bench test performance data is available on engine oil samples collected throughout North & South American, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, including South Africa.

In 1984, IOM collected and tested 110 oils from the marketplace throughout North America as a pilot program. The program continued and has grown into an annual collection of over 650 retails oils from around the world. In total, IOM has collected and evaluated more than 18,000 oils, publishing the results annually.

IOM is a privately held company. Sister companies include King Refrigeration, Tannas Co. and Savant Labs, all of which are members of the Savant Group of companies. 

Collection Coordinator

Posting Date

July 12, 2019

Job Scope

The Collector Coordinator will be responsible for handling all sample collection requests.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with Operations Manager to review and prioritize all requests for custom collections on a global scale.

  • Oversee the annual oil collection to ensure the oils are collected according to the time schedule for each region.

  • Work closely with operations to ensure communications and samples are received and the customer invoiced.

  • Oversee the European Project collection to ensure the oils are received on time and the required reports are prepared on a monthly basis.

  • Responsible for updating the website for available oils to ensure no duplications.

  • Communicate with the collectors to ensure all questions are handled in the allotted timeframe.

  • Utilize resources to locate and procure samples.

  • Work with facility operations to ensure all samples are properly labeled, tracked, and stored in the appropriate locations.

  • Receive and maintain Hazmat certifications.

  • Follow all safety requirements; and completes all safety training.

  • Establish a relationship with the key shipment carriers. Ensure shipment documentation is complete and establish a work process when shipment issues arise.

  • Ensure Quality Management Systems are in place to obtain necessary samples and complete paperwork.

  • Review collector invoices to ensure receipts and invoices are correct. Work closely with accounting to ensure proper payments.

  • Provide back-up to the Order Fulfillment Specialist. Learn and use the SLIM system and other databases to enter and track customer samples.

Key Competencies

  • Excellent communication and networking skills to maintain and establish a strong collector network.

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Excellent organization skills.

  • Understanding and have the ability to properly communicate with individuals from countries outside of the United States.

  • Maintain a positive and professional attitude in handling difficult situations.

  • Ability to provide constructive input to enhance and improve current procedures.  


  • Computer skills with working knowledge of Microsoft Office products essential.

  • Experience working with a data management system and/or working in a customer service or laboratory services environment.

  • Ability to interact with customers and suppliers in a professional manner as a company representative.

  • Ability to interact with laboratory operations staff, technology development group and management as an internal customer advocate.

  • Associates degree in a business or technical field is preferred.

  • Practical experience is also important with clear demonstration of good communication skills and demonstrated ability to handle multiple responsibilities and resolve issues.     

How to Apply

Please reply with resume, references and salary history to:
The Savant Group
Attn: Human Resources
4800 James Savage Rd.
Midland, MI  48642