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The Savant Group is a family of dynamic growing companies located in Midland, Michigan.  The companies are comprised of world-class testing and research laboratories, precision instrument manufacturers, and providers of unique technical databases.  Since 1969, the Savant Group has proudly earned a reputation for excellence in innovation and customer care within the lubrication and transportation industries.

Facility Maintenance

Posting Date

March 5, 2019

Job Scope

This position is responsible for maintaining the physical, mechanical and electrical upkeep and maintenance of the Savant Group buildings, grounds and vehicles.  The ability to oversee many micro-projects within and outside of the building (grounds) is crucial.  Having a safe driving record and legitimate drivers license is a necessity.   Seeing to the needs of the group by maintaining the chemicals and solvents is important.  This is a physical job and requires an active and healthy individual to manage. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Have a clear understanding and commitment to the safety and good business practices of the Savant Group.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the building, restrooms and property grounds
  • Maintain The Savant Group property including landscaping and snow removal.
  • Operate forklift or other hand truck
  • Maintain a strong technical understanding of the physical and electrical requirements within the building, grounds and vehicles.
  • Fill the solvents in Tannas/King and Savant Lab along with emptying the waste containers.
  • Oversee the Preventative Maintenance (PM) work within the guidelines and timeframes that have been set.
  • Ensure that projects assigned by the Corporate Service (CS) Manager are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and accuracy of the on and offsite warehouse locations.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to safety. A total commitment to creating and maintaining a safe work environment is a requirement and their participation in all safety programs is expected.
  • Open and honest discussion with organizational leadership to identify opportunities for performance improvement, including communications, interpersonal effectiveness, specific technical skills, leadership development, etc. 
  • Will meet with management regularly and provides updates on projects.
  • Perform maintenance and other jobs as requested by management.

Key Competencies

  • Identifies ways to improve processes and best practices.
  • Able to follow standard operating procedures and policies.
  • Knowledgeable of general practices and technology.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Develops knowledge of general practices and technology.
  • Follow relevant laws and regulations.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow.


  • Trade schooling or equivalent work experience related to facilities maintenance.
  • Valid Driver’s License and clean driving record is required. 
  • Required to stand, walk, bend and lift objects up to 50 lbs.
  • Regularly exposed to dust, odors, oil, spills, fumes and noise.
  • Attention to detail and patience.   
  • Must have hands on knowledge of basic electrical, plumbing and facility construction. 
  • Knowledge, skill and ability to perform each essential duty successfully and on time.
  • Must be able to communicate (oral and written) with all employees, contractors and vendors.   
  • Basic understanding in Microsoft Office and Outlook.

How to Apply


The following is required within the first six months of employment:

1. Savant Group New Employee General Training i.e. Safety and ISO 9001.

2. On-the-job training related to specific responsibilities.

** The individual is always encouraged to seek additional training within the Savant Group or from other sources related to this position.


Please reply with resume, references and salary history to:

            The Savant Group

            Attn: Human Resources

            4800 James Savage Rd.

            Midland, MI  48642