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Institute of Materials

The Institute of Materials (IOM) was founded in 1984 in Midland, Michigan U.S.A. to provide reliable and unbiased data on the physical, chemical, and performance-associated characteristics of automotive engine oil obtained from the worldwide marketplace. Serving the oil and lubricant industry, IOM publishes the world's largest independent compilation of engine oil test data. Bench test performance data is available on engine oil samples collected throughout North & South American, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, including South Africa.

In 1984, IOM collected and tested 110 oils from the marketplace throughout North America as a pilot program. The program continued and has grown into an annual collection of over 650 retails oils from around the world. In total, IOM has collected and evaluated more than 18,000 oils, publishing the results annually.

IOM is a privately held company. Sister companies include King Refrigeration, Tannas Co. and Savant Labs, all of which are members of the Savant Group of companies. 

Technical Support Representative

Posting Date

Sept. 9, 2019

Job Scope

Enhance customer satisfaction and lab profitability by providing world-class support and technical service. This person will be the contact and response specialist for customer inquiries related to testing projects. 

Job Responsibilities

Include but not limited to the items listed below. Other duties may be assigned depending on the interests and skills of candidates.

Before the Project Begins:
  • When technical inquiries arise from a customer, this person will contact the customer to better understand the information desired and goals of the project.

  • Work with Management, Chemists, Technical Development, and Technicians as needed to recommend and verify a test slate that will deliver on customer’s expectations.

  • Understand the capabilities of other labs and seek to add additional approaches (tools in the toolbox) the company can use to solve customer problems.

  • Quote testing projects when appropriate.

During Test Execution:
  • Respond to customer inquiries about testing progress or questions on execution.

  • When unplanned deviations occur advice the customer on testing alternatives.

  • Communicate with testing team to help them understand the objectives.

  • Conduct data analysis including technical recommendations and Chemist level reports.

Follow Up:
  • Discuss results with customers to ensure they understand the results reported.

  • Provide insights for further troubleshooting.

  • May require an occasional visit to a customer location.

  • Work with customers on follow up testing, additional samples, deeper testing for promising oil or formulation candidates.

  • Write up case studies for external promotion where the company has helped solve a problem.

  • Analyze data in the database to find data trends for promotion purposes.

  • Collaborate to promote testing and problem solving-capabilities.

  • Provide insights on new testing capabilities that should be added or can be marketed with existing resources. 

Key Competencies

  • Ability to establish credibility and a technical rapport with customers, explaining test results and recommend testing.

  • Demonstrated experience managing customers in previous roles.

  • Good cultural fit, interpersonal skills, and communication skills to keep team up to speed.

  • Candidate should have strong data analysis skills and an understanding of statistical principles, repeatability, and reproducibility.

  • Demonstrated use of data to draw conclusions and solve problems.

  • Demonstrated experience in Technical Service.

  • Strong background in lubrication analysis techniques (Specification tests, ICP, FTIR, XRF, GC, and GC/MS) and testing methods, a deep understanding of how customers will use the results of the tests completed.

  • Demonstrated involvement in selling a product or service. Being a part of the sales team or account support team is acceptable as well. However, candidate should demonstrate some direct customer interface that is more than behind the scenes support.

  • Listening skills to understand customer needs, and be able to communicate those needs to other team members or partner laboratories.

  • Ability to go beyond the current capabilities when necessary to serve customer needs by arranging testing with partner laboratories, and ability to build relationships with additional partner laboratories.

  • Comfortable making clear and concise technical recommendations to a client.

  • Writing skills – ability to write short technical reports and articles.

  • Familiarity with reading and understanding ASTM test methods. 


  • 2 year technical degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry required
  • Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering is strongly preferred
  • 5 years of work experience in related field
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Ability to plan and execute on multiple projects and challenging priorities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong computer/database experience required

How to Apply

Please reply with resume, references and salary history to:
The Savant Group
Attn: Human Resources
4800 James Savage Rd.
Midland, MI  48642