"A Laboratory Method for Measuring Bulk Volatility of Engine Oil - Comparative Results"
Author: Brian J. Cluff, Dan McMahon, Theodore Selby
Presented at SAE International Spring Fuels and Lubricants Meeting, Dearborn, Michigan - 1996
Written by Brian J. Cluff, Dan McMahon, and Theodore W. Selby -- SAE International Spring Fuels & Lubricants Meeting, Dearborn, Michigan, May 6-8, 1996; SAE Paper 961227; (SP-1183)
Abstract: Previous studies to improve upon the Noack volatility test have reported a new approach which does not require toxic Wood's Metal for heating yet agrees well with Noack test results. In addition, the new approach collects 99% of the volatilized oil for optional analysis. This can be important apropos to phosphorus levels which are of concern regarding automotive exhaust catalyst life. To more closely compare the new approach with the Noack test, reference oils used in a recent ASTM volatility round-robin study were analyzed and the new approach was found to produce close agreement with the Noack technique and generally greater repeatability.