The Savant Group is a consortium of internationally recognized companies providing products and services to the lubrication, transportation, manufacturing, aerospace, and energy industries.

Savant Labs is world-class independent laboratory and research center offering standardized and custom-designed lubrication specification testing. To ensure that all measures of quality and precision are achieved, SavanTech® certification is applied to reference oils, instruments, and other standards.

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Tannas Co. designs, manufactures, markets, and services laboratory instruments that measure critical properties of automotive and industrial lubricants and related fluids. Instruments are designed to meet the expressed needs of petroleum and additive producers, blenders, and original equipment manufacturers and are required for several international specifications.

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King Refrigeration, Inc. specializes in low-temperature laboratory instruments for routine and research testing of engine oils, lubricants, and related fluids. Products are developed using proven techniques that allow for simple to use, reliable, and efficient operation.

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The Institute of Materials publishes the world’s largest independent compilation of engine oil bench test data. Unbiased data is generated from testing thousands of engine oils which are collected throughout North & South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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Excell Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in precision machined parts used in high-end instruments and equipment.

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