SAVANT GROUP Named Large Business of the Year Through Midland Business Alliance

The Savant Group, a consortium of internationally-recognized companies serving the lubrication, transportation, manufacturing, and energy sectors, was named the 2020 Large Business of the Year by the Midland Business Alliance. The Large Business of the Year award honors an organization with 50+ employees that demonstrates workplace quality, community involvement, and business growth.

 “This award is validation that our hard work is recognized and appreciated within our community. We tend to keep our heads down and push ahead in our little corner of Midland. When we do come up for air, it is incredibly rewarding and motivating to see our community encouraging and supporting us,” said Rebecca Cox, President of the Savant Group.

 The multidisciplinary expertise provided by the Savant Group companies enables customers to evaluate performance, monitor quality, perform research, and develop innovative solutions for the technical advancement of lubricants, fuel, and related fluids. Savant employs a diverse and highly-skilled workforce, gives volunteer hours and donations to support local causes, and actively participates in improving the quality of life in the community.  With the global nature of its businesses, the Savant Group brings revenue into the community not only from outside the State of Michigan but also the country.  “Our businesses have grown to what they are today because a lot of hardworking people have been open-minded, creative, and determined,” said Gordon Cox, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the Savant Group.  “We are excited about what the future will bring.”

View the Midland Business Alliance video featuring Gordon and Rebecca Cox.

Photography courtesy of Dan Tuma Media.