Greg Miiller of Savant Group Receives SAE Outstanding Research Award

Savant Group proudly announces that Greg Miiller, Vice President of Engineering & New Business, has been honored with the prestigious SAE International Outstanding Research in Mobility Fuels and Lubricants Award. Miiller's exceptional research and innovative contributions to the automotive industry have set a new benchmark for advancements in fuels and lubricants, enhancing efficiency and sustainability within the mobility sector.

With an impressive career spanning over a quarter of a century, Greg Miiller has continually pushed the boundaries of research, yielding technology improvements that positively affect lubricated systems and components. His work has not only led to the development of fourteen patented designs for testing equipment but also numerous influential technical papers that have shaped the future of the industry.

The SAE Outstanding Research in Mobility Fuels and Lubricants Award celebrates the achievements of individuals or teams who have made substantial strides in the field through unique, original studies. Miiller's contribution reflects his unwavering commitment to innovation, engineering excellence, and thought leadership.

A familiar face at international standards organizations ASTM and CEC, as well as a recognized figure at the Energy Institute (EI) of England and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Greg Miiller has earned several accolades for his technical expertise and insightful presentations.

 The award was presented to Greg Miiller at the SAE Awards Ceremony on April 16, 2024. The Savant Group extends its heartfelt congratulations to Greg Miiller on this remarkable achievement and looks forward to his continued contributions to the field of mobility fuels and lubricants.



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