King Refrigeration

Established in 1932, King Refrigeration, Inc. has decades of experience developing and providing technical refrigeration innovations. Located in Midland, Michigan U.S.A., King Refrigeration has developed proven advanced refrigeration techniques for products that are simple to use, reliable, and efficient. Whether the need is for rapid cooling rates, very low temperatures, temperature control or efficient compact designs, King Refrigeration is a proven choice. Product selections consist of single-stage, cascade, and ‘direct refrigeration,’  and thermoelectric designs. 

The company originally manufactured low-temperature equipment such as chillers, air baths and Cloud/Pour Point units for the automotive, petroleum, and chemical industries. More recently, with the need to determine the low-temperature properties and performance of automotive fluid, King Refrigeration has incorporated advanced technology into liquid bath designs, ‘direct refrigeration,’ and thermoelectric dry baths for safety, and laboratory baths that have multiple functions for budgetary advantages. King Refrigeration takes pride in offering quality products along with one of the best service departments in the industry.

Innovations include: King Brookfield Liquid Baths (BLB701 & BLB702) along with the Tannas SimAir® Test Cell, King MRV TP-1 Mini-Rotary Viscometer, CP610 Cloud & Pour Point, KV801 & KV802 Low-Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths, and KV803 High-Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Bath.

King Refrigeration is a privately held company. Sister companies include Tannas Co., Savant Labs, and Institute of Materials (IOM), all of which are members of the Savant Group of companies. All four Savant Group companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified and actively participate in industry organizations involved with the advancement and quality control of lubrication such as the ASTMSAEILSAC, STLE, ILMA, EI and CEC.