"Analysis of Engine Oil and Phosphorus Volatility - Development and Use of the Selby-Noack Apparatus to Recover and Study Phosphorus Volatiles"
Author: Theodore Selby
Presented at Technische Adademie Esslingen (TAE) Tribology Colloquium, Germany - 1998
Written by T.W. Selby, Savant Inc. -- 11th International Colloquium Tribology Technische Akademie Esslingen Stuttgart/Ostifildern, Germany, January 13-15, 1998 - Published in Tribotest Journal 6-4, June, 2000.
Abstract: Work is presented showing that engine oil volatility and phosphorus volatility are not interdependent. On the basis of the data generated, it would seem reasonable to reduce the level of phosphorus emissions from the engine oil in the operating engine by choice and design of the phosphorus-containing additives. The work done thus far suggestes the direction that new studies of phosphorus generation by volatilization might take.