Grease Evaluation Under Oxidative Conditions and Resulting Friction and Pressure Analysis
Author: William VanBergen, Canika Owen-Robinson and Greg Miiller, Savant Group; Richard Wurzbach and Sloan Healy, MRG Corp.
Presented at NLGI Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA
Abstract: As technology progresses with various improvements in the economic and ecological environment, grease is promoted as well. Wind turbines, EV, CNC machinery and an entire list of improvements require the improvement of grease technology. With that in mind, it is well understood that when different lubricating oils are mixed, any incompatibilities between the individual additive packages can result in poor performance in boundary lubrication. This can be disastrous for the industry. When evaluating the compatibility of greases, examination of both the extreme pressure and friction properties between the individual and mixed greases can be critical to insuring equipment reliability. In this presentation, we will examine the tribological performance of several binary grease blends utilizing an oscillation tribometer SRV (Schwing (oscillation), Reib (friction), Verschlei├č (wear)) across a variety of aging conditions to simulate in-service mixing conditions.