"Very High Shear Rate Viscometry"
Author: Theodore Selby, Greg C. Miiller
Presented at International Tribology Conference, Yokohama - 1995
Written by T.W. Selby, Savant Inc., and Greg C. Miiller, Tannas Co. -- Proceeding of the International Tribology Conference, Yokohama, Japan, October 31, 1995
Abstract: Very high shear rate viscometry has been a subject of long interest but limited data particularly in its association with hydrodynamic lubrication of automotive engine bearings and the control of wear and friction. Shear rates of one million reciprocal seconds has relatively recently become a standard specification for engine oils and studies at two million reciprocal seconds have been reported. However, these levels are considerably less than the seven to ten million reciprocal seconds associated with the operating automotive engine. Recent work by the authors has been focused on extending the range of shear rate. Information has been collected with a multiple speed instrument which now approaches the very high shear rate associated with automotive bearings. This paper presents initial findings and the associated instrument and technique.