"Viscometry of New and Used Engine Oils at Engine Shear Rates - Application of the Automatic TBS Viscometer"
Author: Theodore Selby, Robert J. Hite Jr., Greg C. Miiller
Presented at SAE International Powertrain, Fuels and Lubricants Congress - 2002
Written by T.W. Selby; Robert J. Hite, Jr.; Greg C. Miiller, Tannas Co. -- SAE International Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Congress - 2002; SAE 2002-01-2799.
Abstract: Very high shear rate viscometry at levels commensurate with the operating shear rates in the modern passenger car engine, has been developed around a multispeed Automatic Tapered Bearing Simulator (ATBS) viscometer. The instrument and technique are shown to be repeatable with both Newtonian and non-Newtonian oils over the shear rate range of 0.53 million to 5.33 million sec-1. Both the ATBS and its extended shear rate range have been applied to determine the viscosity of new and used oils at 150° C as well as the effects of such factors as fuel dilution and carbonaceous agglomerates.