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2005 "Studies of the Oxidation Dynamics of Turbine Oils - Initial Data from a New Form of the Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test" Written by T.W. Selby, S.W. Froelicher, Savant Inc., and James Secrist, Tannas Co. -- ASTM Symposium on Oxidation and Testing of Turbine Oils, Norfolk, Virginia, December 5-8, 2005; Paper ID: JAI 100775 Theodore Selby, S. W. Froelicher, James Secrist Paper; ASTM JAI Publication
2023 Grease Evaluation Under Oxidative Conditions and Resulting Friction and Pressure Analysis William VanBergen, Canika Owen-Robinson and Greg Miiller, Savant Group; Richard Wurzbach and Sloan Healy, MRG Corp. Paper