"A New Approach to the Determination of Extracted Pro-foamants from Elastomeric Sealants"
Author: Theodore Selby, Alan L. Freiberg
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Written by T.W. Selby, Savant Inc., Alan L. Freiberg, Dow Corning Corporation
Abstract: Elastomeric seals are commonly used in the automotive mechanism. Over the last 20 years such sealants have been made relatively simple to apply using automated equipment. However, such elastomers may contain extractable pro-foamant components which can under certain circumstances adversely and seriously affect the performance of the mechanism. Pre-determination of the effect of sealants on oil and vice versa point to the need for a simple yet relevant test procedure to both study and ameliorate effects of both sealants and lubricants in generating pro-foamants. This paper presents further information gathered regarding the rate of extraction of pro-foamants using the simple Foamgen Test apparatus and method discussed in an earlier paper.